Detektyw Gdańsk Sopot Gdynia Trójmiasto
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Detektyw Gdańsk Sopot Gdynia Trójmiasto




We can detect

  • tapping
  • bugs
  • cameras
  • GPS locators

and we also offer anti-tapping safety measures

We use professional scanning equipment to enable accurate execution of the task entrusted to us. Our widely trained detectives are experts with extensive experience in detection of wiretaps. Thanks to these strengths, we can assure you that we are able to detect all types of tapping devices, no matter how well and skillfully they have been hidden. At your request, we secure the found tapping equipment and pass it the relevant authorities.

We provide comprehensive services for business in the field of information security and counterintelligence.

We aim at collecting evidence confirming or denying partner’s infidelity. Our activities involve discrete observation of places people... → więcej

There may come a time in your children’s life when they will abandon the values and moral rules you tried to instill over the years.... → więcej

Mobbing is a persistent and continuous harassment or bulling of an employee or a co-worker. This behaviour aims at humiliating or isolating... → więcej

Loss of a loved one is always associated with tremendous stress and concern.  Our detectives will apply professional and effective... → więcej

If you wish or have standing to investigate and disclose the assets of a debtor, a family member or any o other person, we can collect... → więcej

We can detect tapping bugs cameras GPS locators and we also offer anti-tapping safety measures... → więcej

monitoring and surveillance of objects and people, search for persons and property, matrimonial fraud, identity theft – loss of... → więcej

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