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Parental Control

There may come a time in your children’s life when they will abandon the values and moral rules you tried to instill over the years. Most often it’s only a brief rebellion or emotional problems. The child is then prone to make inappropriate friends, either directly or via the Internet. A temptation to try different sorts of illegal substances may also occur. In such situations the children tend to distance themselves from parents, guardedly concealing their ‘double life’. If in any doubt as to your children’s safety, you should reach out for our detectives’ professional advice. A quick and effective action may prevent some serious problems. Our specialist will discretely check whom your child is meeting and evaluate the potential risks. You can contact our detectives at any point of the investigation and count on their professional advice.

In some cases the child is so overwhelmed with their problems that they make a decision to escape from home. Should this happen, we know that there is no time to waste – our detectives take immediate action in order to find your child as soon as possible.


Any parent, who wishes to provide their child with the best possible care knows that this is not an easy task. The best way to make sure that the nanny takes proper care of the child is to install cameras in the places, where the child is looked after. Our detectives will handle this matter discretely by fitting in professional equipment. Micro cameras are installed in a way that the monitored person does not suspect anything. This allows you to check if your child is in good hands.

Contact our detectives for free consultations.

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