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Finding People

Loss of a loved one is always associated with tremendous stress and concern.  Our detectives will apply professional and effective strategies to find the missing person quickly. Our agency handles the following cases:

Parental kidnapping, which can be divided into two groups: when both parents are entitled to full custody and one of them is hiding the child against the will and without the knowledge of the other parent. In such situations the police does not take any action, since the law is not breached or broken. The second type of kidnapping is one made by a parent with limited or denied custody. In this case the police will take action, but only when final judgement is obtained. By this time, however, precious time is lost, days full of concern about the child. In both cases you can count on our help.

Missing people – everyday we hear about people who left home and never came back. Our detectives will take comprehensive action to find the missing person.

Kindnappinig – the situations of utmost fear and tension, since the life and health of our loved ones is in danger. Detectives from Private Detectives Group will take action to identify the kidnappers, the place of detention and make every effort to release the victims quickly and safely.

Old friends and family – nowadays, with social media booming, it is much easier to get in touch with lost friends or family members. If, however, contacting someone proves troublesome, we are here to help. Our detectives can trace people you haven’t seen in years, even if the information you have about them is quite vague.

Finding people cases are also the ones of tracing debtors, people who fail to keep the agreements or swindlers preying on other people’s trust.We will take all the necessary steps to determine place of their residence, contact details or true identity. All the collected materials may subsequently be used in a court trial.

We aim at collecting evidence confirming or denying partner’s infidelity. Our activities involve discrete observation of places people... → więcej

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Loss of a loved one is always associated with tremendous stress and concern.  Our detectives will apply professional and effective... → więcej

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