Detektyw Gdańsk Sopot Gdynia Trójmiasto
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Detektyw Gdańsk Sopot Gdynia Trójmiasto

About Us

Private Detectives Group is a team of experienced investigators and various specialists, cooperating with the best law offices in Tricity.

We owe customers’ trust to our effectiveness and professionalism. We have access to reliable sources of information and contacts throughout Poland as well as abroad. Our work is based on investigative techniques developed over the years. Cases are handled by former officers and people with above-average skills in areas such as computer forensics, psychology and linguistics. In course of the investigation we contact our customers on an ongoing basis and we try to adjust our activities as we proceed, so that the costs can be reduced.

If you would like to discuss your case, come and meet us in private surroundings without discomforting gazes from friends or family. The first meeting with our specialists is free and can be arranged at a location most suitable to you.  We will answer all your questions and give you the estimate cost of the services. At any time you are welcome to visit our office in Gdańsk, which has been designed to give you comfort and discretion .

We operate under a permit No. RD-6/2015 Rendered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and the license number 0003667 issued by the Regional Police Commander in Warsaw.

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